Magnetic Vehicle Graphics

Magnetic graphics are a great alternative to permanent vehicle graphics.

Magnetic Sign
Magnetic Vehicle Sign – Langley Moor, Durham

If you are in Durham, Sunderland or Newcastle and have a family car, a taxi or even a local rental car – it can be used to promote your business and return to being a family vehicle again in moments.

Care and use of magnetic sheet used for vehicle signs

The use of magnetic sheet for vehicle signs may, in exceptional circumstances, result in damage to vehicle paintwork.

Our own tests have not resulted in damage to paintwork whilst following the advice given, nor have we had any complaints or issues mentioned by existing customers, we can not guarantee that there will not be an adverse reaction between the magnetic sheet and your vehicle paintwork.

Avoid applying to the bonnet, due to angles, wind and heat.

Applying Magnetic Signs

  • Do not apply vehicle magnetic sheet to freshly painted surfaces, especially non-factory applied finishes.
  • Use a surface that is flat as possible
  • Start with one corner of the sign first, then allow the magnetic pull to attach the rest.
  • Be sure the entire sign is flat against the surface with no air pockets.
  • If you position your magnetic sign incorrectly, remove it and reattach. Do not pull the magnet across the surface as it could stretch and damage the sign.
  • Do not attach your auto magnets over a ridge, trim or rust spot that would prevent the sign from laying flat.
  • Make sure your car magnet signs are firmly affixed to the vehicle before driving.


Ongoing care

  • Do not apply vehicle magnetic sheet to freshly painted surfaces, especially non-factory applied finishes.
  • Clean and polish the area of the vehicle with a wax/polish, ensuring that both the vehicle and magnet are clean and dry prior to fitting the magnet on the vehicle.
  • Once a week clean with soapy water, no solvents, rinse and then dry – waxing the vehicle and the back of the sign will help reduce the likelihood.
  • Do ensure that all of the magnetic sheet is in contact with the vehicle (avoid heavily contoured areas) to ensure maximum performance and thus avoid movement of the sign whilst in use at motorway speeds.
  • Do not use on body panels containing plastic filler since this will drastically reduce the magnetic performance



  • Do not stack vehicle signs with the magnetic sides touching each other.
  • Store in a warm, dry place, preferably flat – or rolled up with the graphics facing outwards.


Remember, they are magnetic not magic! follow these guidelines and you should have a damage free, happy life advertising your business.

Allow time without the magnets in place to allow the colour of the vehicle to fade consistently – especially with red cars, which are most prone to fading !


Vehicle Magnetic Signs Durham

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